About Us

Our barber shop is the territory created purely for males who appreciate premium quality, time and flawless look.

Welcome to Goodfellas Vintage Barbershop, the premier destination for grooming in Dubai!

At Goodfellas, we offer a unique experience that combines a timeless, vintage ambiance with modern grooming expertise. Our comprehensive range of services spans exceptional haircuts, traditional straight razor shaves, expert hairstyling, beard care, and meticulous eyebrow grooming—all at affordable prices.

Our team comprises international barbers, including British, Russian, Belgian, and Moroccan professionals, making us the preferred choice in Dubai Marina.

Join us at Goodfellas Vintage Barbershop, where tradition meets style, and experience unforgettable grooming from our talented team.

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What We Do

We run a men’s barbershop in its best traditions. Our guys will help you look
stylish and confident, and most importantly, manly

Hair Cut

Hair Cut, Scissor Cut, Skin Fade, Buzz Cut, Line Up, Kids Cut

From AED 50



Beard Trim, Long Beard Trim, Traditional Razor Shave

From AED 55


Ear+ Nose, Ear + Nose + Cheeks

From AED 30


Eyebrow, Eyebrow+ Cheeks

From AED 30

Beard Coloring

Beard Color, Beard Color – Long

From AED 65

Hair Coloring

Natural Colour,  Bleach + Toner,  Highlights + Bleach + Toner

From AED 160

Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment-Short Hair, Medium Hair, Long Hair

From AED 400


Black Masque,  Express Face Refresh,  Vitamin C with Brightening Full Facial,  Anti Ageing Facial

From AED 30


Manicure, Pedicure,  Foot Scrub/Callus Removal, Pedicure w/ Callus Removal, Mani Pedi & Callus Removal

From AED 70


Head & Shoulder Massage,  Foot massage,  Hand Massage

From AED 50

Licensed Barbers

Russian Barber
Russian Barber
Mo Adib
Barber / Hairdresser
Master Sylist
Beautician (Nails and Facial)


The premier Russian barbershop near me. The staff were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, taking time to understand exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it. Every detail was taken into account as they worked their magic, from the precision of the cut to the perfect finish.


The best barbershop in Dubai Marina for a haircut and shave, and I was absolutely blown away by the amazing experience. From the moment I walked in, I was warmly welcomed and provided with professional service from the friendly staff. The haircut was done exquisitely – it was precise, stylish and tailored to my exact specifications.

Paul Chris

I’ve been going to Goodfellas Barbershop in Dubai Marina for some time now and I can honestly say it is the best barbershop near me. They always make sure that I look my absolute best each time I come in, with their services and attention to detail. Every cut and style they do is precise and perfectly tailored to my individual needs.

Burkhard Wulff

I have been going to this Barbershop since moving here and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.
Superb haircut and great staff.

These barbers really took the time with my cut and I got a beard trim as well.
They had refreshments in a cooler while you wait, which I waited for about 5 minutes even though it was “busy.”

These guys are always there when I need to have my hair cut or a beard trim.
They actually know what they are doing.

David Anderson

Best Barber Shop in Dubai Marina

The Best Skin Fades, Haircuts and Shaves For the real Gentleman.