Beauty World dubai best barber

What an event we had this year @beautyworldme. They were looking for the best barbers in Dubai and everyone delivered top class barbers.

There was a fierce competition with the finest barbers from all men salons, gents salons, hairdressers, hairstylists and barbershops in Dubai. Our start stylist Abed has shined with very creative hair cuts, layered haircut, fantastic hair styling skills and all of that under time pressure and under the scrutiny of the strict judges that graced the event with their expertise.

Our Fella Abed represented Goodfellas Vintage Barbershop all the way into the final after outperforming most of the competition beforehand. We are super proud of his achievement and tip our hats to the chap from chaps and co. who took the belt.

Next year we hope to lift the belt and will hopefully also compete in the competition for the best beard design, shave, beard trim and more. This year we only joined the competition for the best haircut in Dubai.

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