How Dubai mastered the Pandemic

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A word of gratitude to our leadership is in order from our end as well and we feel a need to express it.

Undoubtably Dubai and the UAE have mastered a way around this Pandemic of Covid 19 as best as anyone can imagine.

The latest proof is the leading position globally in terms of vaccinations, but let’s go right back to the start.

Late in March the leadership has reacted to the Coronavirus with a massive lockdown and a sterilization program. At that point we were all hit hard economically, including our barbers and the barbershop. However at the time there were so many uncertainties about the impact of the virus and what it can do to a humans health that most people were scared to even enter an elevator, so there was a form of gratitude and a feeling of safety that came along with these measures.

Not to make this Blog too long and tedious we jump right back to the reopening and here we feel that the entire country now has measures in place that will benefit for the future to come. We may lose the masks eventually, but we will be left with intensified cleanliness and disinfection measures that are likely to remain standard for good, making the city healthier for the future to come.

Especially in the barber industry we can see our competition is forced to join our cleanliness standards. As the best barber shop in Dubai we had to add masks, acrylic separators and disposable capes, but being one of the most high class vintage barbers in town we already had the rest covered way before the pandemic came along.

To conclude we are being grateful that not only in the barber industry, but the whole country feels cleaner, more germ free and more relaxed to live in and a lot of it is here to stay and become the new standard, thank you!!!

Needless to say we welcome you as usual for the best haircuts, skin fades and shaves, facials, mani pedi, black masks etc… at the best barbershop in town @goodfellasdubai

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