Safety is priority

Dubai Open Course First Aid

This will be one of our most important Blogs, even though it might not me the most exciting read, it is a very important topic. While it is very nice to show the flashy haircuts, shaves, skin fades, facials and all the other great services @goodfellasdubai, we do have to highlight that this is all done on the back of our very hard working Barbers here at Goodfellas Vintage Barbershop. In order to have the most satisfied customers in our men salon in Dubai Marina we have created a team that is like family to us, so naturally we look out for them and especially their health and of course want everyone to be prepared to protect the clients in the best barbershop in Dubai.

Our friends from Algebra Safety Training are always there for us to give us the proper support with the best health and safety training in Dubai. Not only do they provide all the first aid certificates, first aid int he workplace courses etc. they also ensure the highest quality of first aid and even pool lifeguard training not only for the purpose of holding the certificate, but to actually acquire skills and teach the ability to use them in the real world.

A big thank you to Algebra Safety Training and a big advise to everyone out there to give them a shout in case you feel you also have loved ones, colleagues or employees to protect. Contact them here.

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