What haircuts are trendy in 2022?

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The most popular men’s haircuts for 2022 range from classic looks to never-seen-before styles. Our barbers in GoodFellas Vintage Barbershop & Gent’s Salon have highlighted the most trendy haircuts.

  1. Butch Cut
    The butch cut- is one of the most straightforward men’s haircuts, but this is part of its appeal. The hairstyle features the hair at an even length on the top, back, and sides and is usually kept around a quarter inch. Many men like the simplicity of the look, and the fact that the length is the same makes it easy to grow out. That said, it can be adapted slightly to suit your personal preference.
  1. Low Fade
    One of the best things about fade haircuts is that if you want to look understated but still very stylish, a low fade haircut is a great choice. You can see more detailed information about LOW FADE HAIRCUTS in our previous post.
  1. Line Up Haircut
    Men favor this haircut because it is incredibly versatile and can be added to hair of all lengths and textures as the focus is on the hairline. Keeping some length on the top of the head can complement the sharpness of the look and create a more balanced appearance.
  1. Shaved Sides
    Shaved sides are one of the edgiest and coolest hairstyles and can be added to any haircut. It is a great way to give the haircut structure, or it could be added so that it creates a contrast with the hair on the top of the head and the back and sides. The appeal of shaved sides is that it works with all hair textures, and you can experiment with the length on the top of the head.
  1. Buzz Cut
    The buzz cut is a very short hairstyle that is simple and masculine. It is clipped close to the head with a razor and is low maintenance and fuss-free. It can highlight your facial features and give off a rugged yet polished appearance. Despite being a basic cut, it is versatile and can be adapted to different hair textures and styles.

Remember that everyone has different textures, lengths, colors, and hairstyles, so feel free to visit GoodFellas Vintage Barbershop & Gent’s Salon, to experiment with high-skilled barbers and find the perfect look for your particular hairstyle. Besides, you can see even more ideas for cool fashionable haircuts on our Instagram

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