Who’s the best Barber in Town?

dubai marina barbershop

Let’s cut to the chase, we think its Goodfellas Vintage Barbershop!!

Why do we think that?

It’s the middle ground of things. We believe a barbershop can very easily be too shabby without flair, without class, without a cool vibe. We also think a barber shop can be too fancy, too classy, too over the top and barbers can even be too dressed up that you can feel they are clearly uncomfortable.

So we think we found the perfect balance, our barbers look stylish, but in their comfort zone, which we believe is key to allowing them to perform the best skin fades, shaves, beard trims, keratin treatments, haircuts and hair styles in town.

We have also watched out for having a cool vibe that’s not too chic, but not too shabby. It’s authentic, homey and comfortable to spend your men’s grooming time in.

We have recently taken new pictures to check out if we are still on track and we believe we are. Our shop is still the most stylish barbers in town. All this is not enough to call ourselves the best vintage barber shop in Dubai, but our staff makes ALL the difference and we are a family. We have senior barbers since 2016 when we opened, we have Barbers that ventured out returning to their home base as we are a family business and all of us are proud and comfortable to be part of it.

Come by for your next hair cut or even men’s beauty services such as manicures, pedicure, facials etc and let us proof we are the best barber shop in Dubai!!

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